Brandon Lau

Launched 2018

Duration 1 Month

A NYC based photographer with a taste for travel influenced, life flicks.


Brandon Lau is a photographer who wanted a dynamic site that would showcase his work, but also provide him with the control to arrange his content based on style, color palettes and themes. Being a photographer, he wanted the site to feel avant-garde and give the users the experience of visiting a gallery rather than a box-grid list of images.

UX/UI Design.

With the goal of drawing attention to the photography, we decided to move forward with light colors that would differentiate his portfolio from the typical “white” color palette of most photographer portfolios. The light hues are refreshing, but doesn’t distract visitors from the photos on the page. The website was designed to appear grid-less, but actually follow a strict formula that order images in a logical manner, while feeling spontaneous and random.


Based on the design, we implemented CSS grid, which provides the seemingly grid-less design with a patterned structure. Paired with a flexible build on Wordpress, Brandon would be given the power to access and update photos through the admin panel.